It isn’t easy to be isolated in an assisted living facility during a pandemic. The family and friends you usually see have been restricted for safety reasons. The group activities you enjoy are limited. Boredom and loneliness set in quickly. So, Southern Pharmacy Services (SPS) is stepping in to help put a smile on some lonely faces.

Several Southern Pharmacy employees have agreed to help by volunteering to become pen pals with residents seeking a bit of diversion.

SPS provided a form for residents seeking pen pals to complete, providing some basic information about themselves. Our Southern pen pals also submitted basic information about themselves via an online survey (some also provided photos), which helped to match pen pals and generate their initial letters.

We hope this will lead to ongoing communication between our SPS family and the residents we help care for. Social interaction is always welcomed by facility residents, especially in these difficult times. A big thanks to everyone at SPS who is participating.