Kernersville-355-smallSouthern Pharmacy Services provides a full range of services to residential facilities in North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia and Tennessee. We offer superior customer service to residents in assisted living facilities, adult care homes, behavioral health homes, skilled nursing facilities, independent living communities, hospice, prisons, and group homes. We understand that each facility and patient has unique needs, and to better meet these needs, we develop a customized plan to ensure the most effective pharmacy care. Our pharmacy professionals are ready and willing to assist in all your pharmacy needs.

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Assisted Living Facilities

We provide a range of medical products to residents in assisted living facilities, residential facilities where residents require assistance with daily living but do not require skilled nursing services. Every quarter our pharmacists review individual charts and provide real time feedback, suggestions, and support. Our nursing and Quality Assurance team conduct med pass observations, LHPS support, and review medication and narcotic documentation. Nurses and quality assurance staff also provide onsite support to review medication inventory and ensure medications are current, expired products are removed, and all medications are properly labeled. Patient safety is at the forefront of all pharmacy support, and all onsite services comply with or exceed all state and federal regulations.

Nursing Facilities

Residents in nursing facilities require custodial care, ongoing skilled nursing support, and a wide range of medical products. Monthly, our consultant pharmacists work onsite in nursing facilities and review charts for each resident, review medication and narcotic documentation, and analyze medication trends for individuals and the facility. As follow up to the review and analysis, pharmacists make clinical recommendations to physicians and/or facility nursing staff. Our pharmacists may also participate in facility committees, state pre-surveys, problem-solving situations and system development. Our nursing and Quality Assurance teams provide additional onsite support through med pass observations and, medDISPENSE support. Nurses and quality assurance staff review medication inventories to ensure medications are current, expired products are removed, and all medications are properly labeled. Patient safety is at the forefront of all pharmacy support and all onsite consultant services comply with or exceed all state and federal regulations.

Adult Care Home, ICF/MR

An adult care home is a smaller version of an assisted living facility. It is typically a single family home and can be licensed for up to 10 patients. Adult care homes provide the same scope of care as assisted living facilities.

Hospice Providers

Hospice specializes in care for terminally ill patients in the last six months of their life. It is primarily concerned with comfort care rather than curative therapy. Southern Pharmacy does provide hospice care for residents in contracted hospice care centers, and we work with some hospice providers in order to serve hospice patients in our contracted assisted living facilities.

Independent Living

We provide solutions to residents living in independent settings.  Our goal is to assist in medication management, billing and delivery. We help you navigate Medicare part D and provide 24 hour support for all your pharmacy needs.

Mental Health

We understand the challenges mental health facilities face daily in their effort to provide excellent care to their residents. It is our desire to provide a pharmacy program which improves the medication process and alleviates staff headaches. Many mental health facilities have found value in the following services which significantly reduce the time and delays in typical medication management programs; online education for staff, specialized packaging systems to improve accuracy, psychotropic drug review performed by in-house pharmacist, monthly cycle of routine medications to eliminate reordering and customized reports to improve compliance.


Our commitment to excellence ensures pharmacy services are the least of your worries

VA-Pharmacy-Technician-Shot-2Southern Pharmacy Services strives to provide exceptional customer service and personal contact to meet customer-specific expectations.  Our core values – customer service, team work and honesty – set us apart from other long-term care pharmacy providers.  We provide a full range of services and benefits including  dispensing and consulting pharmacy services, nursing and education programs for your staff, specialized packaging under the supervision of a pharmacist, medication/treatment carts, fax machines, IV pumps and compounding services, emergency on-call pharmacist support, access to emergency medications, the highest level of accuracy when dispensing medications (state-of-the-art bar code technology and blister card packaging), routine daily deliveries, billing specialist support, QA support and many more services. We look forward to serving you!

Consultant Pharmacist  |  Nursing, Educational Opportunities and In-Services  |  Billing Specialists Assist Facilities, Patients and Patient Families  |  IV Therapies and Compounding Services  |  Deliveries  |  Medication Records  |  Specialized Packaging and Dispensing  |  Barcode Technology, eMARs and WebConnect  |  24 Hour/7 Days a Week Support (Emergency Back Up)

Consultant Pharmacist

Our consultant pharmacists visit facilities as suggested by state regulations (monthly for nursing homes and quarterly for assisted living and ICF/MR). Each consultant pharmacist makes written recommendations to residents’ physicians regarding suggested changes in drug therapy. Consultants, along with nursing and quality assurance teams, also do periodic inspections of facility medication room and medication carts, observes medication administration, and provides inservice training for facility staff.

Nursing, Educational Opportunities and In-services

Our nurses at Southern Pharmacy act as a liaison between facility staff and pharmacy operations to identify opportunities for improvement. Should questions arise, our nurses maintain sufficient documentation on each individual account to ensure appropriate and timely resolution. We combine the spirit of a local pharmacy with the technology and resources of a national healthcare organization: this allows us to support the unique business objectives of each facility, large or small. To meet facility needs, our nursing representatives provide onsite customized professional development programs, onsite Licensed Health Professional Support (LHPS) assistance, educational programs, and online CEU approved classes. Our nursing team (along with our consultant pharmacist and QA team) does periodic inspections of the facility medication rooms and medication carts, observes medication administration, assists customers during annual licensure surveys, and helps ensure new customers enjoy a smooth and error-free transition to the Southern Pharmacy family. The qualitative facility management objectives we seek to reinforce are efficiency, superior care, staff proficiency and consistency of management. Residential care facilities can utilize our pharmacy staff in-services to keep abreast of changes and maintain the highest level of care for residents.

Billing Specialists Assist Facilities, Patients and Patient Families

We understand accurate billing is a major component of customer service for our facilities, residents, and for their families. Our billing specialists are highly trained in all aspects of insurance and Medicare claims processing. They work to maximize the benefits residents receive from their prescription insurance coverage and to provide prompt, courteous, friendly and informative support to facility representatives, to residents, and to the families of residents.  We have a Medicare D specialist on staff to ensure all pharmacy patients have the Medicare plan to best fit their needs. They are available to resolve billing questions weekdays from 9AM – 6 PM.

IV Therapies and Compounding Services

Our IV infusion therapy and compounding services meet the special needs of patients requiring additional care. We provide IV therapies and the IV pumps to support them. IV therapies are used most frequently by patients to avoid potentially life-threatening infections or to provide end-of-life pain management. Our customized compounding products provide facility staff with cost-effective and ease-of-medication administration options for a broad range of patient-specific needs.


We are one of the few long term care pharmacies in North Carolina and Virginia with our own delivery staff. Each scheduled delivery includes consolidated delivery sheets with resident name, medications delivered and quantities delivered. Our delivery services are an important part of our overall quality of service. Employing our own drivers brings added value to the customers we serve.

Medication Records

We provide up-to-date MARs, Treatment Sheets, personal care sheets and Physician Order Forms for all facility residents at no cost to the resident or facility. We also provide behavior monitoring forms for our nursing facilities. Our dedicated order entry and medical record technicians work closely with our facilities to customize all medical records to fit each homes individual need.

Specialized Packaging and Dispensing

Southern Pharmacy’s Pink Hill, Kernersville and Wytheville locations offer the punch card, unit dose system for consistent, reliable and efficient medication passes. Our Wytheville location also offers the Opus system. Our packaging is designed to separate medications based on the time of day they are to be administered. We provide several dispensing options including 7 day, 28 day cycle, monthly cycle and pull on demand.

Barcode Technology, eMARs and WebConnect

We use state-of-the-art barcode technology and computerized workflow tracking to assure timely and accurate medication dispensing and superior customer service. When paper is removed from the pharmacy, pharmacy and facility staff can be more productive. For example, a thumbnail confirmation fax can be sent to facility nursing staff each time we receive an order. We utilize multiple eMAR interface products to allow facility staff to electronically submit medication refill requests, increase productivity in their facility, and facilitate accurate and timely medication dispensing. SouthernLink is our most recent technology offering in our pharmacy system. It provides facility staff with a secure link to a Web portal where they are able to refill prescriptions, print medical records, and complete leave of absence and destruction documentation.  SouthernLink also allows facility staff to track and receive orders electronically, a time-saving option for your patient care staff.

We proudly support all facility based eMAR systems as well as Accu-flo and QuickMAR. We have a dedicated eMAR team who facilitate a hands-on transition and continued support for all eMAR customers.  Read More >>

24 Hour/7 Days a Week Support (Emergency Back Up)

We understand medication questions and emergencies may arise after our long term care pharmacy has closed. In an emergency, an on-call consultant pharmacist is available to answer questions and dispense medications 24hrs/ day and 7 days/ week. Facility nursing staff may also have immediate access to emergency medications via a computerized medication system or a customized supply of emergency medications provided onsite to residential facilities by our pharmacy at no additional cost to the facility.