History of the Company

Southern Pharmacy Services is an independent long-term care pharmacy founded by Marybeth and Chad Terry on September 1, 2003 in Pink Hill, NC. Five years later, we opened our second pharmacy in Kernersville, NC on March 17, 2008. Our third pharmacy in Wytheville, VA joined the Southern Pharmacy family on October 1, 2012. The staff at Southern Pharmacy Services has extensive experience in the long-term care field. We service nursing homes, assisted living facilities, family care homes, and group homes across North Carolina and Virginia.

The History of Our Values

Southern Pharmacy Services continues to grow in many measurable ways. As we move through these transitions, it is very important to stay true to ourselves.

In an effort to maintain our direction, we asked all employees, “What is important to you? What do you value? What kind of business do you want Southern Pharmacy Services to become, to be known for, to stand for?”

The responses were thoughtful, positive and re-enforced our belief in our employees and our organization. A focus group of employees analyzed all the results and selected three broad-based values: honesty, customer service, and teamwork. We believe that by measuring ourselves, our work, our actions and our company against these values, we will keep Southern Pharmacy Services on the right track. Specific job duties and assignments may change from day to day or year to year, but Southern Pharmacy’s values hold true.

Our Mission Statement

Honesty, customer service, and teamwork guide us in all that we do. We expect to be recognized by these values and they drive how we work with each other and all of our customers. We rely on these values to help us make the right decisions and do the right thing. These values help us grow as individuals and as an organization. Success is measured by implementing these guiding principles in every day work. We firmly believe that together we can provide the best LTC pharmacy experience in the industry. By keeping customers and coworkers at the forefront of every decision, we can commit to being a friendly place to work and do business with for our customers.

A Team Approach

Southern Pharmacy Services thrives on teamwork. Each team member, from the president to the management team, to the staff pharmacists, technicians, billing staff, couriers, marketers and customer service representatives is responsible for achieving the goals outlined in our mission statement. Our daily top priority is to get all of our prescription orders, billing statements, and medical records out accurately and on time. The only way we can accomplish this is when the team works as one.

The Southern Pharmacy team shares common goals and pushes each member to be their best.  Our customers depend on our service to maintain their quality of life.

Customer Service Philosophy

The core of our business is service. Our primary product is a comprehensive package of services that makes it easier for caregivers to provide quality care to their residents. Once again: our core product and value proposition is SERVICE.