10 keys to healthy aging.

Bob Saturn, Southern Pharmacy’s senior marketing coordinator, is participating in a research study conducted by the Wake Forest School of Medicine and other institutions around the country to examine the relationship between Alzheimer’s disease and either a hearing aid intervention or a “Healthy Aging” education intervention. The goal of the study is to measure the effect each intervention has on preventing or minimizing the onset of cognitive decline and other negative outcomes over a three-year study period.

Saturn was randomly placed in the Healthy Aging education group, along with approximately 425 other participants nationwide. In sessions with a health educator, he will be instructed in the University of Pittsburgh’s “Ten Keys to Healthy Aging” program. The program informs participants about lowering systolic blood pressure, smoking cessation, cancer screening, immunizations and other recommended behaviors that are conducive to a healthier aging process.

“As a long-term care pharmacy, we interact with residents of memory care communities, and we have adopted the Alzheimer’s Association as our primary charity,” Saturn explained. “We participate in their annual fundraising walk and hold other events at our locations to raise money to help find a cure. I hope by joining in this study, I can contribute in some small way to the important research being done.”

The Alzheimer’s Association can be contacted at https://www.alz.org/.