It started out “To my Southern Pharmacy Family” and included the following:

Please remember, our role in the health of our nation is critical. WE ARE THE FRONTLINE. We will help keep people alive and well. We have the crucial task of providing life-saving medications to the most vulnerable population in our communities – the frail and elderly. They need us during this time of crisis now more than ever. We must band together and help the people who need it – our residents. And, there is no one I would rather take on this daily challenge with than our Southern Pharmacy Family.

This powerful reminder was part of a message from Marybeth and Chad Terry, Southern Pharmacy’s presidents, to 300+ employees who work at the pharmacy’s three locations. This message to the employees complements many other actions taken by Southern Pharmacy to maintain full service while keeping employees, facility staff and residents safe.

The task was, and continues to be, immense:

  • Being proactive in securing equipment and technical resources to allow order entry, billing, adjudication, collections and other staff based in three locations to work from home while being securely connected to needed systems. This began as early as March 16.
  • Setting up numerous video/telephone meetings to relay and share crucial information
  • Sending timely pharmacy updates to communities via group emails to management and “blast fax” to facility staff
  • Redesigning the workflow process in the pharmacy and the delivery process at the facility to maintain social distancing while providing all needed medications
  • Setting up a front door screening process for all visitors
  • Enhancing cleaning and sanitizing of work areas
  • Providing positive messages (accompanied by a treat) to facility staff

As Marybeth continued in her employee message, “We are a healthcare facility. Hospitals don’t close; we don’t close…Our goal is to protect our employees, our residents, and our caregivers by being as diligent as possible to slow or prevent the spread of COVID-19. Thank you for being such an important part in the story of this unprecedented time.”

Stay healthy everyone.