With the opening of their new building high in the beautiful North Carolina mountains, the staff at Century Care Management’s Murphy Rehabilitation & Nursing faced an enormous task; moving 85 delicate rehab and nursing residents, their personal items and their medications to the new facility. So, how do you move 85 residents? (We know: very carefully). The answer is to use lots of expert help. That’s where the staff of Southern Pharmacy entered the picture.

Southern Pharmacy’s Kernersville location sent seven staff members including pharmacists, a nurse and customer service representatives to ensure relocation of medication carts and the transfer of each resident’s medications to their new homes.

By pre-printing labels for bags containing each resident’s meds, the pharmacy staff was able to organize the med carts for new residents in the new location.

The move and accompanying transitions went smoothly, resulting in the safe relocation of residents to their new, beautiful home.

Pam Williams checking the assembly of med cart accessories.

Cecil Davis, PharmD, Kernersville’s Director of Clinical Services prepares a med cart for the Murphy move.