On February 5, 2018, employees of Southern Pharmacy Services wore red in support of Heart Disease awareness, prevention, and research.

Heart diseases are America’s number one cause of death in both men and women. Each year since 2003, on the first Friday of February, the American Heart Association (AHA) sponsors the national “Wear Red Day,” which aims to dispel myths surrounding heart diseases and raise funds for research.

Most of us know someone who has been affected by heart disease and many have seen, first-hand, the devastation America’s number one killer can bring to a family. The AHA recommends a number of steps each one of us can take to help stay heart-healthy.

Manage your risk of heart disease by taking the Know Your Numbers assessment. Smoking, high blood pressure and lack of regular activity are all contributing risk factors, but can be controlled with proper lifestyle changes and the consult of your healthcare provider.

For further information about heart disease and how we can help prevent it, check out the American Heart Association’s web site at www.heart.org.