Because of what is believed to be due to an overprescribing of antibiotics, medical professionals are seeing antibiotics becoming less effective fighting the bacteria they were designed to work against. Thus, antimicrobial stewardship programs that put in place processes and procedures to reduce and remove unnecessary use of antibiotics, have become an important issue for the medical community working in long-term care.

Kernersville pharmacists Leigh Holcomb, PharmD, and Stephanie Vermillion, PharmD have received approval for their antimicrobial stewardship project and are now certified by the Society of Infectious Diseases Pharmacists / American Society of Consultant Pharmacists in that subject. As certified pharmacists, contributing to the education of both pharmacy and facility staff, they can help combat the overuse of antibiotics, which has led to these drugs becoming less effective in treating infections

Along with the printed material that Southern has complied and made available, the two pharmacists are providing training and guidance for our customer facilities as they ramp up their own antimicrobial stewardship programs. Southern Pharmacy customer facilities wishing additional information can contact the pharmacy at 866-southrx (768-8479) ext. 4704 or by speaking to your consultant pharmacist.