L to R: Sarah Lynch, Danny Caudle, Jessica Hall, Tracy Holcomb

As new facilities join the Southern Pharmacy family, providing residents and their loved ones with opportunities to learn about their new pharmacy, including its benefits and processes that might differ from what they’re used to, is a priority to our team. We anticipate questions about costs, service, insurance, and other medication concerns.

For this reason, Southern Pharmacy hosts Family Night events. These informal gatherings allow residents and family members to learn about the values and operations of Southern Pharmacy. Family Nights are usually hosted by a director of sales and customer service plus one of the pharmacy’s billing and insurance experts.

“We often hold these meetings during the on boarding process to introduce ourselves to residents and their loved ones,” said Sarah Lynch, a Southern Pharmacy director of sales and customer service. “We might also hold a meeting after start-up when the first bills are received, since that’s when questions often arise. Our goal is to make the transition from their previous pharmacy to Southern Pharmacy a positive experience and as seamless as possible.”