Building on its early success vaccinating long-term care residents in West Virginia, Southern Pharmacy has been approved to administer COVID-19 vaccinations in North Carolina. Both the Kernersville and Pink Hill locations have complied with mandated requirements by installing equipment needed to store and monitor the Moderna vaccine and have participated in specialized training. As an authorized provider, Southern Pharmacy directly receives doses of the vaccine, permitting certified pharmacists and nurses to administer it to facility residents and staff.

Clinics have been held at various communities where hundreds of residents have received doses of the vaccine. Additionally, follow-up clinics to provide a second round of doses have been scheduled.

“Southern Pharmacy is proud to play an important part in combatting this pandemic,” said Marybeth Terry, Southern Pharmacy’s president. “We are so excited that we can provide necessary vaccinations to long-term care residents who depend on us and the staff at their respective facilities.”

Sandy McVickers, RN administers the vaccine

Glenn Whitley, PharmD prepares syringe with vaccine serum

Rusty Conway, Southern Pharmacy’s Director of Sales and Customer Service enters vaccine data into the CDC system