Considering vaccinations can help us achieve herd immunity and potentially put an end to the pandemic we’ve been living in, each of the three Southern Pharmacy teams are doing their part to help achieve this goal. Southern Pharmacy staff have administered vaccines to residents and facility employees in its tri-state service area by hosting vaccine clinics at each Southern Pharmacy location and customer sites.

Southern Pharmacy recognizes and thanks the employees who have been organizing and operating vaccination clinics. Despite navigating complicated logistics, they have provided nearly 3,000 doses for residents and staff in North Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia.

North Carolina has surpassed 50% and Virginia and West Virginia are approaching 50% of their adult populations with at least one dose. North Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia citizens are 46.4%, 37.8% and 39.2% fully vaccinated, respectively.

Things are looking good for the population over 65 years old. Seniors in North Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia are 75.7%, 66.4% and 72.5% fully vaccinated, respectively.

Southern Pharmacy is proud to play an important role in the vaccination effort. Our teams have done a magnificent job organizing clinics and administering the vaccine in service areas; helping facility residents and staff return to their pre-pandemic lives.