Since the introduction of the Visual Management Board six months ago, Southern’s Pink Hill pharmacy has seen the number of prescription/billing errors plummet to a mere 1.03% and falling.

Through the use of this process, each department continues to show improvement. The board highlights successfully met metrics in a clear, visual manner.

The pilot project began with the Billing Team (Skilled Nursing, ALF Nursing/Adjudicators and the Collection specialists), with each sub-group having their own metrics and goals that they focus on meeting each day. The successes of the pilot project lead to a pharmacy-wide implementation of the tool.

The staff in Pink Hill has truly bought into the concept of error prevention, reporting, and discovering needed areas of pharmacy improvement.

Each department is actively engaged in the daily meetings revolving around the visual management board. These meetings offer the chance for staff to recognize errors and discuss preventative actions going forward. By incorporating this system, staff positivity and cohesiveness have increased. Errors have been greatly reduced and overall workflow is much more efficient.

Glenn Whitley, Pink Hill’s Director of Operations, Customer Support and Quality Assurance said, “I want to thank the staff of Pink Hill for this positive change in culture and work ethic that surely will be passed to our customers.”