Many of Southern’s customer facilities have created a separate unit to work with residents on a short-term rehabilitation basis after an illness or accident.

Once their rehabilitation stay at the facility is complete, an important component of the transition from facility to home is providing the resident with the medications needed to continue prescribed care. The Southern Pharmacy Transitions program was created to handle all the details for both the facility and the resident.

When a resident is about to be discharged, the facility sends the pharmacy an enrollment form along with a list of the medications prescribed for the resident. Southern fills the orders and arranges the appropriate billing process.

In addition, a few weeks after discharge, Southern contacts the resident to ensure meds are being taken properly and that a follow-up appointment with the physician has been made.

“Our program helps to avoid re-hospitalization of the resident because we are providing both the medications and the clinical guidance the resident needs for a successful transition back home,” said Cecil Davis, PharmD, Assistant Director of Operations in Kernersville. “Through this program, we truly are making returning home easier.”